pop quiz 0119

January  2019 - answers


I'd better  •  got to  •  if you ask me • come in  •  long way off  •  I doubt it •  thank goodness  •  between jobs




A:  How was the zoo?      


B:   Great! We (got to) hold koalas!  





A:   It's getting late.  (I'd better) go.       


B:   Me, too.  My mom gets mad if I'm out past 10. 




A:   Is Mickey coming to practice today?        


B: (I doubt it).  When I saw him this morning, he said he wasn't feeling well.




A:   I really want to go to that concert.      


B:   How much are tickets?      


A:  The cheap seats are ¥8,000.      


B:  (If you ask me), that's too much.




A:   I hear your brother moved back home.       


B:   Yeah. He's living with my parents right now.  He's (between jobs)


A:   I hope he finds work soon.




A:  I'm worried about the test.      


B:   What test?      


A:  The final exam.        


B:  That's a (long way off). You need to worry about doing your homework now.




A:  Can I help you find something?        


B:   Yes.  I really like this T-shirt, but I'm not too crazy about yellow.  What other colors does it (come in)?     


A:  Red, white and black. They're over here.       




A:  I got a flat tire on my way to work.      


B:   Oh, no.  Were you late for work?      


A:   No. A kind man stopped and helped me. He did it in no time, and I made it to work.       


B:   (Thank goodness) for the kind stranger!   




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