pop quiz 0118

Jan.  2018 - answers


dreading • like crazy • swerve • family room • keeps track of • radiation • head start • by mistake     





A:  How was your winter break?      


B:   It was ( boring ).  I just sat around watching TV for days.




A:  My brothers and sisters came back to spend the holidays with us.     


B:   How nice!  I don't have any brothers or sisters. I'm ( an only child ).




A:  Want to go see a movie?      


B:   I thought you had to see clients today.


A:  I did, but I had a ( last-minute ) cancellation.   




A:   Jimmy, Karen is your babysitter, so do whatever she says, OK?


B:   OK, Mommy.  I will.


A:  And ( be good ) while we're gone.




 A:  Police found ten lizards in a man's suitcase.      


B:   Ten?  Why were they in his suitcase?       


A:   He was trying to ( smuggle ) them into the country.




A:  What are the kids up to?


B:   They're outside making a snowman.  They were ( bored ) sitting around inside, so they went out to play. 




A:  Last night I rescued a mouse.      


B:   What do you mean?      


A:  My cat had ( cornered ) the poor thing in the garage.  I chased away the cat, and the mouse ran outside.




A:   So, I was driving along and I looked in my rearview mirror and saw a snake in the back seat!     


B:   Oh, my God!  What did you do?     


A:  I ( freaked out ), of course.  I just stopped the car and jumped out!




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