pop quiz 0117

January  2017 - answers


studied • have studied • instead • outgoing • feel bad • tends to • bunch of • prefers





A:   Did you buy anything at the bookstore?


B:   Yes.  I got a 2017 wall calendar and a ( bunch of ) books for the kids.  




A:   You speak Japanese very well!


B:   Thanks.  I ( have studied ) for about two years now. 




A:  How did you do on the test?


B:   I don't know.  I ( studied ) a lot, but I'm not sure if I passed.




A:  Did you visit Aunt Mary when you were in Dallas last week?


B:  No, and I ( feel bad ) about it. I just didn't have time when I was there.




A: What kind of person are you looking for?  


B:   Well, the position is in sales, so we're looking for someone who's cheerful and ( outgoing ).




A:  I have to start going to the gym again.


B:   Me, too.  I've gained a few pounds.


A:   I think everyone ( tends to ) gain weight over the holidays. 




A:  That dog bed is so cute!  We should get it for Max! 


B:   It's cute, but I don't think Max would like it.  He ( prefers ) to sleep at the end of our bed.  




A:  We've got to buy a turkey for Mike's birthday dinner. 


B:   Turkey?  We just had that for Christmas dinner.  Why don't we have ham or roast beef ( instead )?






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