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Step 1: Read the questions below.



1.  Where is the most famous cherry blossom festival in the US held?


2.  Who is Akiko Jones?


3.  How many cherry trees does the school have now? 


4.  What is one thing people can do at the festival? 


5.  Why is the festival going to be held in two places?


Step 2:  Listen to the audio and try to answer the questions.
オーディオを聞いて、 質問に答えて見て下さい。
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Step 3:  Listen again while you read the article.

      Cherry blossom festivals are held all over Japan. But the US has cherry blossom festivals, too, with cherry trees that were gifts from Japan.  The most famous is held in Washington, D.C., but big festivals are held in Philadelphia, Manhattan, Boston, Nashville, St. Louis, Seattle and many other cities.  There's even a cherry blossom festival in the little town of Bowling Green, Ohio. 

   Why is there a cherry blossom party in a town of 32,000 people in the Midwest?   It's all because of a wonderful Japanese instructor named Akiko Jones.  Jones Sensei, as her students call her, started teaching Japanese at Bowling Green State University in 1983.  Since then, she has worked hard to promote business connections between BG and Japan, and she has organized student exchanges between BGSU and Japanese universities.  It was a group of these Japanese graduates of BGSU who, in 2001, planted four dozen cherry trees on campus to show their appreciation for the school.  The following spring, Jones Sensei organized the first Cherry Blossom Festival to celebrate. 
  Since then, more trees have been planted; there are now eighty trees in all.  In Japan, a hanami (cherry blossom viewing party) is usually a picnic or a walk under the cherry blossoms.  But because the weather in Bowling Green is not predictable around cherry blossom time — there could be sun, rain, strong winds, or even snow at that time of year — the festival has been moved indoors. 
   The BGSU event has grown to be more than just a cherry blossom viewing party.  It's has become a Japanese cultural festival.  People come from all around Ohio and even out of state.  They are encouraged to try origami, traditional Japanese games, Japanese calligraphy, and making rice cakes.  They can try on a kimono, taste sushi and other Japanese food, watch martial arts demonstrations, see a taiko (Japanese drum) performance, and much more.  Every year the attendance has increased.  Last year more than 800 people attended the event, so it had to be held in the Grand Ballroom.
  This year the event will be held on April 2nd from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.  There will be two different venues, the Grand Ballroom and the Student Union, because Jones Sensei expects even more people to attend. She said that she thought the hanami would be a one-time thing and never imagined it would last so long. She added, “I thought I’d be retired by now!”   


Step 4:  Check your answers.



  1.  Where is the most famous cherry blossom festival in the US held?

It is held in Washington, D.C.  


2.  Who is Akiko Jones?

She is a Japanese instructor at BGSU.


3.  How many cherry trees does the school have now?

It has eighty trees.  


4.  What is one thing people can do at the festival?

They can try origami.

They can play Japanese games.

They can try Japanese calligraphy.

They can make rice cakes.

They can try on a kimono.

They can taste Japanese food.  

They can watch a martial arts demonstration.

They can see a Japanese drum performance.


5.  Why is the festival going to be held in two places?

Because they expect more than 800 people to attend.

Because they expect more people to attend than last year.



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