pop quiz 0620

June  2020 - answers


feel like • try • challenged • could use • get it over with • took turns • stuck • caught up on



A:  Have you ever gone snorkeling?


B:  No, but I'd like to (try) it someday.




A:  You drove all the way to Hiroshima?       


B:  Yes, but it wasn't so bad because my wife and I (took turns) driving.   



A:  Do you need a ride home? 


B:  No, thanks.  It's a beautiful evening, and I (feel like) walking.



A:   How did you hurt your knee?


B:  My son (challenged) me to a race around the playground, and I tripped and fell. Needless to say, he won.



A:  You've already finished your homework? 


B:  Yep! I like to (get it over with) so I can enjoy the weekend.



A:  How long did it take you to get to the beach?


B:  Only two hours, but it took four hours to get back because we go (stuck) in traffic.



A:   How was your Golden Week?


B:  It was OK.  I did a lot of cleaning.  How was yours?


A:  Pretty relaxing. I worked in the garden and (caught up on) my reading.


A:  You look like you (could use) a cup of coffee. Here you go.

B:  Thanks. I was up late working on today's presentation.


A:  I'm sure it will be awesome.

 Needless to say, ... = ...言うまでもなく, もちろん

 pretty = かなり, とても, なかなか, まあまあ, そこそこ

 (be) up late = 遅くまで起きている



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