Ad rates and other FAQs
about ET PEOPLE!

How much is it to advertise in ET PEOPLE?
The rates depend on size, placement, and length of contract.

Page 2 (front inside cover),
pages 7-10 (center section),
page 15 (back inside cover):
1/6 page
¥20,000/month ¥16,000/month ¥14,000/month
1/4 page
¥30,000/month ¥24,000/month ¥21,000/month
1/2 page
¥54,000/month ¥43,000/month ¥37,000/month
Full page
¥108,000/month ¥86,000/month ¥75,000/month
ETP! offers special rates for longer contracts! = 20% off! = 30% off!

Pages 3-6 and
pages 11-14:
1/6 page
¥15,000/month ¥12,000/month ¥10,500/month
1/4 page
¥22,000/month ¥17,000/month ¥15,000/month
1/3 page
¥30,000/month ¥24,000/month ¥21,000/month
1/2 page
¥44,000/month ¥35,000/month ¥30,000/month
Full page
¥86,000/month ¥68,000/month ¥60,000/month
ETP! offers special rates for longer contracts! = 20% off! = 30% off!

COUPONS (pages 6): ¥3,500 per month or ¥18,000 for 6 months
coupon is free with any advertisment 1/6 page or larger
SCHOOL DIRECTORY (online ad) ¥6,000 per year

If I want to advertise in ET PEOPLE! , what shoud I do?
Just click here to e-mail Kathy (publisher/editor). Usually everything can be handled by e-mail.

Note: E-mail is the easiest way to catch Kathy because she is also a teacher. If you prefer the phone, call 090-4405-0303 and leave a message. Be sure to leave your name, phone number. Kathy will call you back as soon as possible.

When is the deadline for advertisement submission?
The deadline is the 15th. If you send your data by the 15th, the ad can be ready in time for the following month's issue. For example, send me the data by January 15th for the February issue.
When do I have to pay for the ad?
For a 1-month contract, payment is due by the 15th (when you submit your data). For longer contracts, payment is due 20 days after the magazine comes out, usually the 20th of the month. For example, for the February issue, you'll get a bill around February 1st and payment is due by February 20th.
When does ET PEOPLE! come out?
ETP! comes out on the first of the month every month.
Note: ETP! may come out a few days late in January due to Japanese holiday schedules.
Where can I get ET PEOPLE! ?
ETP! is available FREE at approximately 400 locations! See the list below.

A'cross Travel (Naka-ku), Aichi Kai Un (Minato-ku), Aichi Zokei Design College (Chikusa-ku), Amataro (Naka-ku), Amy's (Naka-ku), ANANAS (Naka-ku), ANA Hotel Grand Court Nagoya (Naka-ku), AOI CAFE (Higashi-ku), Apollo Theater (Naka-ku), Apuesta (Naka-ku), Asano Book Shop (Chikusa-ku), Asian Noodle(Chikusa-ku), Asian Noodle Bar (Naka-ku), Asylum (Naka-ku), Bagu (Gifu-shi), BAR ESPANA II (Naka-ku), Bayanhan (Naka-ku), Bier Hall (Gifu-shi), Big Apple (Naka-ku), Big Mama's House(Chikusa-ku), Bird & Diz (Gifu-shi), BLANC-PAIN (Tenpaku-ku), Blue Note (Naka-ku),  Bottom Line (Chikusa-ku), BOS (Higashi-ku), Browns (Toyohashi), B-Zone (Naka-ku), Cafe Carafe (Tenpaku-ku), Cafe Dufi (Chikusa-ku), Cafe Evolution (Chikusa-ku), Cafe Space One (Kasugai-shi), Cafe Doerya (Naka-ku), Casablanca (Higashi-ku), Cave (Naka-ku), Centrair Hotel (Tokoname), Central Dental Clinic (Naka-ku), Chez Toto (Naka-ku), Chikusa Shobunkan (Chikusa-ku), Choppy's Market (Tahara-shi), C's Ave. Cafe Chikusa (Chikusa-ku), C's Ave. Cafe Gokiso (Showa-ku),Club Birth (Toyohashi), Club Buddha (Naka-ku), Club Daughter (Naka-ku), Club Edits (Naka-ku), Club Quattro (Naka-ku), Comfort Hotel Chubu Internatioanl Airport (Tokoname), Common Ground (Naka-ku), The Coopers (Nakamura-ku), Cottony (Tenpaku-ku), Craftsman Tom (Chikusa-ku), Crazy Jr. (Naka-ku), C.R.E.A.M. (Naka-ku), Creek (Naka-ku).

D.B.S. (Chikusa-ku), D's Kitchen (Chikusa-ku),
De Class (Naka-ku), Denny's Toshincho (Naka-ku), Denny's Sakae (Naka-ku), Desperados (Naka-ku), Dotto Comu (Nakamura-ku), DREAMS (Nakamura-ku), Downey Classic (Nishi-ku), Downey 1 (Tenpaku-ku),
Downey 2 (Showa-ku), DOWNEY 3 (Tenpaku-ku), Downey 4 (Midori-ku), Dugout (Naka-ku), Dream Sports Bar (Naka-ku), Eigirisuya (Naka-ku), Electric Lady Land (Naka-ku), El Coco (Naka-ku), Elephant's Nest (Naka-ku), Emporium (Naka-ku), Fat Chance (Naka-ku), the 59's (Naka-ku), FISK English (Naka-ku), Flex Info Center (Naka-ku), Flea Flicker (Showa-ku), The Flying Dutchman (Showa-ku), FOR YOU Resort & Dining (Naka-ku), Freebell (Nishi-ku).

Gallery Cellar (Naka-ku), Gary's (Naka-ku)Garuva (Naka-ku), Gen's Second (Naka-ku), Georges (Atsuyta-ku), Glass Kobo Kakashiya (Naka-ku), The Glass Onion (Nakamura-ku), Globe Mart (Chikusa-ku), Goblin (Chikusa-ku), GOLD's GYM (Atsuta-ku), Guri Guri (Naka-ku), GyozaYa (Showa-ku), HARA Pet Hospital (Chikusa-ku), Hard Rock Cafe (Naka-ku), Harry's Bar (Naka-ku), Hello Beauty (Chikusa-ku), H.I.S. Fujigaoka (Meito-ku),
H.I.S. Hirabari (Tenpaku-ku), H.I.S.Kanayama (Atsuyta-ku), H.I.S. Sakae Otsu-Dori (Naka-ku), H.I.S. Nagoya Parco (Naka-ku), H.I.S. Motoyama (Chikusa-ku), H.I.S. Travel Bazaar Meieki (Nakamura-ku), H.I.S.Travel Wonderland (Higashi-ku), H.I.S. Yagoto (Showa-ku), Home Deco & Cafe (Tenpaku-ku), Hotel Landmark (Naka-ku), Hotel Leo Palace (Chikusa-ku), Hotel Precede (Naka-ku), Hot Zone Zero (Higashi-ku), Hot Zone Zero (Kariya-shi), Hot Zone Zero (Naka-ku)Hot Zone Zero (Nakamura-ku), Hot Zone Zero (Tenpaku-ku), HUB SAKAE (Naka-ku), HUB FUSHIMI (Naka-ku), Human Kaihatsu (Naka-ku), IACE Travel (Naka-ku), IACE Travel (Nakamura-ku), IACE Travel (Meito-ku), Ichimuan (Naka-ku), ID Cafe (Naka-ku), Izen (Atsuyta-ku), Izutsuya (Mizuho-ku).

Javan Restaurant (Higashi-ku), Jazz Inn Lovely (Naka-ku), Jazz Inn Papa'z (Gifu-shi), Jerry's Uno Osu (Naka-ku), Jerry's Uno Shinsakae (Naka-ku), Jerry's Uno (Naka-ku), JMAX (Naka-ku), JST Travel (Naka-ku), JTB Travelland -Aeon Chikusa (Chikusa-ku), Kabe (Naka-ku), Kabe no Kabe (Naka-ku), Kaburaya (Higashi-ku), Kakashiya (Higashi-ku), Kanou (Naka-ku), Kanran (Naka-ku), Katatumuri (Naka-ku), KG's (Naka-ku), K's Pit American Diner (Naka-ku), K's Pit American Diner (Handa-shi), Komeda's Coffee Aeon Chikusa (Chikusa-ku), Komeda's Coffee Kamimaezu (Naka-ku), Komeda's Coffee Shinsakae (Naka-ku), Komeda's Coffee Honmachi (Naka-ku), Komeda's Coffee Higashi-Sakura (Naka-ku), Komeda's Coffee Nishi Osu (Naka-ku), Komeda's Coffee Sakae Hirokoji-dori (Naka-ku), Komeda's Coffee Fushimi (Naka-ku), Komeda's Coffee Sakae Nishiki 3-Chome (Naka-ku), Komeda's Coffee Sakae Otsu-dori (Naka-ku), Komeda's Coffee Kanayama (Naka-ku), Komeda's Coffee Telepia (Higashi-ku), Komeda's Coffee Takaoka (Higashi-ku), Komeda's Coffee Uni Mall (Nakamura-ku), Komeda's Coffee Aoen Arimatsu (Midori-ku), Komeda's Coffee Osugi (Kita-ku), Komeda's Coffee Metsu Ozone (Higashi-ku), Komeda's Coffee Irinaka (Showa-ku),
Komeda's Coffee Mizuho-dori (Mizuho-ku), Koukai-Itamen (Chikusa-ku), La Brocca (Higashi-ku), Lancha (Showa-ku), La Piedra (Naka-ku), Libro (Parco) Book Center (Naka-ku), Little Hong Kong (Naka-ku), Los Novios (Higashi-ku), Los Tacos (Naka-ku), Lotus (Chikusa-ku).

Macondo (Naka-ku), Mago (Naka-ku), Maize (Naka-ku), Ma Maison (Chikusa-ku), Ma Maison Next Door (Chikusa-ku), Mamboland (Chikusa-ku), Mary Poppins (Showa-ku), Marriott Associa Hotel (Nakamura-ku), Maruzen (Naka-ku), Maverick (Naka-ku), Mega Cafe (Chikusa-ku), Megalos (Chikusa-ku), Meitetsu Toyota Hotel (Toyota-shi), Meitetsu World Travel Fushimi (Naka-ku), Meitetsu World Travel Hirokoji (Naka-ku), Melrose ((Naka-ku), Memory Lane (Naka-ku), Midwest Cafe (Naka-ku), Miel Parque Nagoya (Higashi-ku), Misfits (Chikusa-ku), Misitia (Higashi-ku),
Mizunoshoten (Minami-ku), Mu-ra Orrb (Naka-ku), MyBar (Naka-ku)My English Room (Naka-ku)Nagoya Creston Hotel (Naka-ku), Nagoya Crown Hotel (Naka-ku), Nagoya Enterprise (Higashi-ku), Nagoya Hilton Hotel (Naka-ku), Nagoya Kanko Hotel (Naka-ku), Nagoya International Center (Naka-ku), Nagoya International Hotel (Naka-ku), Nagoya Kanaya Hotel (Naka-ku), Nagoya Plaza Inn (Naka-ku), Navigator (Naka-ku), New Sakae Acupuncture Clinic (Naka-ku), News Deli (Naka-ku), Noce (Naka-ku), No. 1 Travel (Naka-ku), Nude R (Naka-ku), Oasis 21 Info Center (Naka-ku), Okayanet Walker (Naka-ku), Opus (Gifu), Outback Steakhouse (Naka-ku), OXO (Naka-ku), OXO (Nakamura-ku), Ozon (Naka-ku), Cafe & Bar OZ (Naka-ku).

Paradise Cafe (Chikusa-ku),
Parsley (Naka-ku), Petite (Chikusa-ku), Plastic Factory (Chikusa-ku), P.O.D. (Higashi-ku), POOR RICHARD'S (Naka-ku), Popcorn (Showa-ku), Princess Garden Hotel (Naka-ku), Punch's House (Toyota-shi), Queen's Head (Naka-ku), Radix (Naka-ku), Red Lobster (Minato-ku), Red Rock (Naka-ku), Ricky Gee (Naka-ku), Rockin' Robin (Showa-ku), Rosemary Heart (Naka-ku), Rosetta Stone (Showa-ku), RICHMOND HOTEL NAGOYA (Naka-ku), R•Toora (Higashi-ku), RuRu Bell (Chikusa-ku).

Sakie Ladies' Clinic (Chikusa-ku),
Sakurankan (Naka-ku), Sakae Clinic (Naka-ku), Saintpia Hotel (Chiryu), Salsa One (Naka-ku), Sama Sama (Naka-ku), San Jose (Naka-ku), Sanseido (Nakamura-ku), Saru Cafe (Higashi-ku), Saucisses (Naka-ku), Seattle Espress Nanzan (Showa-ku), SHABU SHABU NANA (Naka-ku), SHABU SHABU NANA HANARE (Naka-ku), Shooters (Naka-ku), Sky Juice Sound Bar (Toyohashi), Soul Cafe Darts Bar RAY's (Naka-ku), Sound Bar Jap (Higashi-ku), St. James's Gate (Naka-ku), Stareyes (Naka-ku), Steps (Naka-ku), Strikers (Naka-ku), Sumaino Ichiban (Chikusa-ku), Taurus (Naka-ku), Tiger Cafe (Higashi-ku), Tiger Cafe (Naka-ku), Tiger Cafe Juice Bar (Nakamura-ku), Tokuzo (Chikusa-ku), Tokyo Daiichi Hotel (Naka-ku), Toyoko Inn Chubu International Airport (Tokoname), Tokyu Hotel (Naka-ku), Toyota Prestige Hotel (Toyota-shi), Toyota Century Hotel (Toyota-shi), Transamerica Radio (Naka-ku), Trenchtown (Meito-ku), Tuna-Good (Naka-ku), Uncle Steven's (Yokkaichi), Ura58 (Chikusa-ku), Urbana Latina (Naka-ku), Underground (Naka-ku)(Naka-ku).

Voice California Cuisine (Naka-ku), Walkin' Blues (Naka-ku), Wa no Resort Hazu (Gamagori-shi), Westhouse (Chikusa-ku), The Westin Hotel Nagoya Castle (Nishi-ku), Wild Rose (Naka-ku), Yeast Paradise (Nisshin-shi), Yuki Yuasa (Nakamura-ku), Yummy Fushimi (Naka-ku), Yummy Parco (Naka-ku), Zebra (Naka-ku), Zetton Chika Nishiki (Naka-ku), zetton ODEON (Naka-ku), Zetton Cafe & Eats (Tokoname), ZICOFE (Naka-ku).

ABC PLUS, ACC English, ACE Language Center, Action! Language Academy, Active Age English School,
Advantage English , ALC Language School - Raven's Roost,  Appear, Athena Eikaiwa School, Atlas Man to Man Language Studio, Big Sky English School, Bridge English Language School, British English Academy, C the D, C3.JAPANESE SCHOOL, Cecil English School, Chukyo Univ., Cosmo Globa Communication School, ESL Studio, FACE English Academy,  Fatima English InstituteFISK English, Flower Kids, Grimm Ecole, Happy English Club, H.E.A.R.T. English, Hop Step Jump (Gifu), IEC, Inter School,  IPE Academy, Isaac, ISS Nagoya, K's Eikaiwa, Kaiz, Kande's Homestay, Kawai Juku, Kensington English School, KTC, John's English School, Liberty School of English, Lingaphone Academy, Maple Leaf English School, Miller's English School, Michigan School of English, MIT's Language School, My World Japan, Nanzan Univ., NCFL, New English Plus, No Borders English School, O'Brien House English School, PlayPourri International, Potato Club, Prime, REJ English House, Rowena English House, Ryu's Chinese School, Sakae Chunichi Bunka Center, SAPL Institute Nagoya, Sophia Institute of Languages,  Talk Like Us, TalkmateTCLC, Time Life, Tree House, Trident Language School, Universal, Vickey's Language School, Vigors, White House, WizBiz, Wiz English Academy, Wizard, YWCA.

How many people read ET PEOPLE! ?
ETP! is read by over 15,000 readers in the Nagoya area and on the Web.
Can you send me ET PEOPLE! ?
Yes! Kathy will gladly send ETP! to your home, school or other business.
Click here for more information.
Kathryn A. Craft